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About Artsy Classes

Painting class designed for anyone, artistic or not, who wants to experience the joy of creating.

During the class, you’ll be given step-by-step instructions to paint a 16 by 20 canvas during a single session. You will be guided through the process.

No drawing skills required!

Follow it exactly…or if you want to deviate and experiment….it would definitely be allowed.

In my art classes, we talk about whether our art is refrigerator-worthy. (You must ask yourself, “Would my mom post it on the refrigerator?”) I want us to move our work beyond being refrigerator-worthy to being wall-worthy!

So, during these classes we want to get a “just little artsy”….

You say you can’t draw a stick figure…Don’t worry…We won’t be drawing any stick people! Maybe our artwork might not be a Van Gogh masterpiece. But hopefully, it will be a Van Grace. Even if your artwork is somewhat different than mine, don’t stress! You can do your own interpretation.

I have designed paintings that are somewhat whimsical…something with a dynamic strong image or sometimes with a wow-factor.

Why do I paint? It’s relaxing. I enjoy the colors and how they mix.

Art is more of an experience than a product. It’s a right-brained activity… This is our creative side. (So much of our daily life is left brained.)

So, come over to the right side with me and get “just a little artsy.”

About me

Who am I?…Artist, teacher, mathematician, missionary, quilter, set designer, wife, and mother of three grown children. My real art education began at age ten when I started taking painting lessons from Mamie Marcum, a friend’s grandmother and a self-taught artist from Eastern Kentucky.  I earned my art degree from Tennessee Temple University in 1980 and began teaching art to students of all ages…from preschool to octogenarians. Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, we moved to Knott County in 1997.    I began teaching math and art at the June Buchanan School soon after we arrived. In  2000, my husband and I joined Scripture Memory Mountain Mission to work at Camp Nathanael. Besides teaching art, I have the opportunity to use my art skills designing displays for the various programs of Camp Nathanael. I began group paint classes in February of 2017. That was the beginning of Just a Little Artsy. Traveling near and far to teach classes began a new path for me, leading me to search out new opportunities.

Along the way, I came across an opportunity to become one of Berea College’s Partner for Education teaching artists. This gave me new opportunities to teach a variety of art programs in  K12 schools in Perry County. Most recently, I was accepted as one of Kentucky Art Councils Teaching Artists. The Teaching Artists Directory is a roster of adjudicated Kentucky artists who produce high quality artistic work and have both the skills and competencies needed to collaborate with teachers and students in designing and implementing arts education programs. The directory serves as a resource for schools of all levels as well as a variety of organizations who may want to employ qualified teaching artists. Artists selected for the directory are deemed to have a high quality of artistic work.

Life has come full circle for me as I follow in the footsteps of my mentor and first art teacher Mamie here in the mountains and hollers of Eastern Kentucky.

Grace Henderson

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